Friday, January 09, 2004

I'd like to introduce someone worth mentioning... my coach.

I first met him at the Fun Shoot 2003 at National Shooting Centre, not expecting him to be soooo helpful. I just asked some questions as to how I can join the club and do shooting again (I was active in secondary school but stopped since completed GCE 'O' Levels). Like I mentioned, I did not expect him to help so much. He called me like a week later and informed me on the different ways I can do shooting again.

Again... I did not expect him to be with me all the way. I mean, I thought he would just tell me all I needed to know and just that. I was wrong. Now, he will always be around when I need support. He provides me with all the necessary equipments AND encouragement. I get the most support and motivation from him. He started to teach me the things I needed to know about shooting without me asking. His effort and the time spent on me... to make me, someone who stopped shooting since completed school in 1997, back to shooting in 2002. It felt difficult and I guess I could have given up hope if did not have the encouragement from him.

He lets me use his gears. And I would usually travel north to shoot. But now, he has to bring his big bag of those stuff - riding his bike - all the way to the west. Well, I can go on and on and on with all that he's helped me with but it would be toooo long... With all the effort and time, motivation, encouragement, support and enthusiasm he shows just makes me feel so lucky. Imagine you met someone so supportive of your passion and he/she goes all out with intention to help you achieve your ambitions... would you want to ever disappoint him/her? Well... I would want them to be proud of me. If God permits, I will do well. So, people... wish me luck.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Wow... Yesterday was fun!!! Whoever registered but missed on it... well... shouldn't have. Hmm... I'm talking about the Chrstmas Fun Shoot 2003 at National Shooting Centre. It was held yesterday, from 9.00am to 5.30pm. A little tiring.. but real fun. My friends and I... sporting clay was our first station. We shout 'pull' and supposed to shoot the clay when it comes flying. Oh my! The recoil was pretty hard and my shoulder still hurts :( Only shot 2 out of 8 clays.. ehehehe

Then, we moved on to .22 rifle. It's in prone position and good fun. We get to shoot 10 shots and I got 84 (3 bull's eye) point out of 100. (Okay, maybe not too good, but hey! it's ok for a non-professional... hehehe)

The next station was the .22 revolver. I think I did pretty good too! 77 out of 100 with 1 bull's eye.... eheheheh

Then it was a queue for .177 air pistol. Nah.. didn't do good. (You see, with revolver, we use two hands to hold the arm. But for air-pistol, only one. It was pretty difficult to hold my hand steady!)

The last station... .177 air-rifle. hehehe... almost like the .177 air-pistol. Difficult to hold steady and the sights went left and right. Anyway, I guess I did average for all.

Our team of four registered and shot for the falling plates event. Hmm... though we didn't win, we did shoot down all eight plates. Only the other team was faster... ehehehe

I'm pretty confident Singapore Shooting Association will hold this event again next year... Usually the Sunday before Christmas. So all you people out there!!! Don't forget to look out for the next Fun Shoot in 2004. Any enquiries, you can always give a call to the Singapore Shooting Association.

Friday, October 17, 2003

I'm back!!! Last Saturday was pretty crowded. Many of my friends from previous and current company came. Not forgetting my school mates too... Had fun taking pictures and can't wait to seem them (probably by Sunday). Many friends asked how married life is like. Well, it's not much difference from being single. I have more parents and siblings (ehhehehe...) and I don't have to worry coming home late.

Can't write much today as there are things to do in the office. I'll come back an upload the photographs when they're ready!!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well... it's the 8th today and only a few more days to go! Excited? ehehe... maybe you are. At the moment, I'm still cool about it. To me, the important thing is living as a married person. It doesn't matter how grand my function is or if it's held in a posh hotel. To me, what's more important is life after the solemisation.

After the solemnisation, comes new responsibilities. As a woman, daughter... and wife. To juggle work commitments, personal goals and family. This is about life and I must be able to manage my time and attention well and fair among those commitments. Well, each commitment compliments the other. Like managed work commitment will compliment my personal goals and family financial stability. Personal goals achieved will mean well enough work commitment and again, family income. And well managed family commitment wil mean support for my other commitments... (It's ok if you disagree with my point of view ;)

It won't be very easy but I'll try my best. With support from my loved ones, I'm sure I'll strive and do all I can.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Hah.... I'm back! Err... not that my lunch is a few hours long. Only a little occupied...

Now... where was I? Oh... It didn't turn out very well either for the second so I was single for a while. Then... (ehehhe...) I get to know an impressive and romantic guy. Well, got to know his friend first but he was more interested in me than his friend was. I was at SCDF Bendemeer camp for an Inter-School Air-rifle shoot when I knew him. We didn't go out til about a couple of weeks later. He impressed me first with the way he introduced himself. Nice person, gentlemanly and romantic... When we were seeing each other, he would buy me gifts whenever he comes back from overseas trip. He gave me flowers or chocolates every month (like an anniversary)... We were together for about 2 years before things changed and turned sour. We broke up about six months later.

From then on, I was single and free as a bird!!! I felt oh, so relief that I wasn't 'tied' to anyone and I don't have to report to anybody (well, except my parents... eheheh). Even so, I still go on dates and made many friends (err... mostly guys). Hmm... I'd really love to talk more about them but it'll be a long story. Probably next time...

The next time I blog, I'll talk about the great guy friends I went out with and how I treasure the friendship. Then, closer to my wedding, I'll tell you more about my fiance... ehehehe

That's all for today... Hey! It's FRIDAY!!! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND AHEAD...
I've known many people... err... I mean, guys... since I was 14. The first person I fell in love with (at least, I thought so) was a schoolmate. I was in secondary 3 then I do not deny that he made an impact in my life. He was fun to be with, easy to talk to and can be romantic. Well, he can be irritating too at times... eheheh... But things couldn't happen for us (although, I thought the friendship between us was 'magical').

Then, I got closer to another schoolmate (same age as myself) whom gave me some first impression: boastful and egoistic. ehehehe... I got closer to him only after three years being his classmate. We were quite into each other and were very loving.. hehehe... til the entire school noticed and a few teachers had to counsel us. Well, it's not like we kiss and hug each other and all. Just that we were always seen together. But probably we both changed as we grow older and things doesn't seem to fit as perfectly as before. We seperated.

Ooops!!! Lunch time now. I'll continue when I'm back...

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm feeling sick today. Down with cold and feeling feverish. I've got shooting today and don't think I'm going to miss it. Probably take some pills and hope feel better by evening...

Monday, September 15, 2003

For a friend who asked me the questions...

My wedding will be on 11 October 2003 and I can say it's going to be a pretty big event in my family's calender. Before you continue reading, I would suggest you read on this article on malay wedding in Singapore so you would understand better what I mean ; )

I have engaged services by...
- Anggun Andaman (Actual day make-up),
- Bridal Concept (Actual day photography and studio photography),
- Haq Wedding Services (Decor and dais for multi-purpose hall),
- Cardlink Trading (Well, obviously invitation cards),
- Muzika (Videography), etc.

My friend also asked how do I know that my fiance is the one for me? Hmmm... actually I can never be too sure about it. Of course I have thought about the good and not so good things about us being together. I have found that he's the best person for me to spend my lifetime with. He is patient, understanding, caring and loving. Most importantly, he knows what my interests and goals are and he allows me to pursue my ambitions. It is natural to have some kind of fear of something unknown but I think the most I can do is plan and make the best decisions. If things were to turn out a little different, then it's time for me to think of ways to make it better for the both of us.

My fiance and I have talked about where we would stay while in the process of getting a flat, how to organise our time with work, personal and family commitments, etc. We can talk about anything at all. I have learnt to be patient, sensitive towards his feelings and understand his irregular hour job. I'm sure he also have learnt about my passion for shooting and he can see obviously that I am the kind of person who has this hunger for knowledge. I want to learn anything (formal or on my own) that catches my interest; from kickboxing to shooting to fashion designing to drawing to photography to computer applications to SCDF courses... and it goes on and on and on... ehehehhe.

Like I have mentioned, we can never be too sure if he/she is the right person but we can always make the best and rational decisions. I realised that just because I love someone doesn't mean I will be marrying him. (I'm not saying that it is not a factor in a relationship). Only when it comes to something this serious, I think I would prefer to think rationally and really weigh the pros and cons of living with one particular person for the rest of my life. Hmm... won't you?

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